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Default Re: PT8 and my crossgrade

I would like to exercise the one time upgrade that will allow me to move to PT 9.xx I have an HD Accell PCIe core card and 2nd PCIe card. How do I go about getting the pro tool HD9.xx installer and moving my Ilok license FROM THE 8.0 TO to 9.xx from PTHD 8.0 have at present. Note I have two Or three 7.4/8.0 so if you want me to register another one I can. I will just pay the 350.00 I don't care I just need to get ere done. Im sitting here new PC built and client sitting on his hands for a week now,

Q: Is there a version 9 of Pro Tools HD software?
A: Yes, and registered owners of Pro Tools HD software will have the opportunity to upgrade to Pro Tools HD 9 software for $349 (USD). Pro Tools HD 9 software includes many new features, as well as the ability to run the software standaloneŚwithout your Pro Tools|HD or Pro Tools|HD Native hardware (some feature limitations apply when not attached to HD hardware). Keep in mind that you'll need to still attach your iLok to your computer to run Pro Tools HD 9 software standalone.

Q: What is required to purchase the Pro Tools HD 9 software upgrade?
A: The Pro Tools HD 9 software upgrade requires both of the following:
1. Your Pro Tools|HD Core card serial number
2. Your Pro Tools HD 7 or 8 iLok license

Registered owners of Pro Tools|HD systems are eligible for 1 upgrade per HD core system. During activation/registration of the Pro Tools HD 9 upgrade, you will be asked to provide the serial number of your HD Core card:
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