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Default XMON displays as off on D-command intermittently

I have an original D-command and XMON (the light blue one) For the last week or so my Xmon displays "off" on my D-command intermittently. The display cycles showing "Xmon on" and "xmon off" every few minutes and this seems to be happening more frequently every day. Obviously the monitor section audibly cuts out when the Xmon shows"off". I've seen some similar references to this in this forum but can't seem to find a resolution. I've tried reseating the cables and resetting the D-command several times, as the Avid website suggests...but no lasting improvement. Does anyone have any experience/idea what the next step would be???...Obviously having it serviced is a daunting option (without even considering the downtime). Was hoping there is something else I might try first. Thanks
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