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Default Quantize Midi - deleting notes

I'm using midi patterns to program drums. I have some off the shelf drag and drop patterns that work great.

I've started a new song today and I drag my midi patterns in as normal, hilight the midi bock and go to quantise have "note on" and "preserve note duration ticked" and I quantise the midi block to 1/32 note as normal, I'm only human and never get it "quite on the line" normally this just shifts the notes into perfect position, however now it's deleting the first notes that are just off the line, rather than shift them on the line, what's causing this ? it certainly never used to behave like this ?

Here is a screen shot of the midi that has been selected and you can see the quantise options

Now here is a screen shot of the desktop after I pushed apply on the quantize menu, you can see the leading midi input markers are gone and a few others have gone too

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