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Default Re: Focusrite Scarlet 18i20


Only just had my attention drawn to this.

Iíve got a Scarlett 18i20 interface. However, itís not stable on PT11 in that -6001 errors occur when moving between sessions of different bit rates. This might be an issue related to W7 or USB2, but Iím still not sure as the Focusrite help wasn't very helpful.

I eventually concluded that the cause was with the Focusrite drivers. The earlier version confines me to a 44.1. I can get above that with the current version (in scarlett-mixcontrol-1.8), but - as I've said - it's unstable. Their beta (in Scarlett MixControl-1.9b4) is dangerous. When it fails you need to do a complete deinstall of PT to make things work again.

The interface is, however, stable with PT10. It's also stable with Reaper.

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