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Default Mixing & Mastering in Pro Tools: Getting Professional Result

Hi All,

I am using PT now since 1999. The quality, user interface and newly added features are outstanding (Currently PT HD 7.1).
In addition I am using WAVES DIAMOND TDM as my major plugin farm, Dynaudio Near Field Monitors, Digidesign PRE, 192 I/O interface, Neumann microphones etc. I assume the quality of this equipment and software is on average better compared to midrange market.

I have read and studied a lot of audio related books from industry recognised authors like Bob Katz (Mastering Audio, the art and the science), bought some Video Tutorials (Mix It Like A Record from Charles Dye) etc. and did some trial and error for the past few years on mixing and mastering.

The quality of my mixes are OK I guess, BUT I am missing that extra punch. What am I missing or doing wrong? I have read articles about STEM (Separation) mixing. I have tried it, but it doesn't make a big difference.

Do I need more or other plugins, an analog console, ... Are there any unwritten secrets about mixing & mastering ?
As mentioned several times in a lot of articles, it's better to prepare the final master of your songs by a different person than the mixing engineer. Besides maybe a better ear for detail, what equipment is mostly being used to get that big and fat sound ?

I am keen to learn and practise more, so any suggestions are welcome !

Thanks for sharing your experiences !

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