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Originally Posted by CHD View Post
Here is the link to photos

First, unplug the unit!!! Remove fader caps. To open D-Command, unscrew the 5 screws which hold the metal plate with faders with the help of a 2 mm HEX tool. Pull up the plate, taking care not to damage the wiring. Then unscrew the faders from the plate with the same tool. Beware dropping the screws inside. Then unplug wiring shown on pics 2 and 3. Pic 4 shows the metal enclosure. Just pull the two parts apart accurately. Pic. 5 shows the pink plate. The dark grey stripes on the plate are the contact tracks you need to clean. I used just a dry tissue, no solvents or cleaning liquids. When assembling everything back be careful while pushing the faders' wiring inside the D-Command. Wish you luck with your cleaning! My unit is working OK for 6 weeks already.
By the way, are my faders plastic or carbon? Pic 6 shows stickers with numbers on the fader.
Trying to access these photos but looks like the link is dead.. any chance we could get a new one?
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