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Default Re: The Tea Room..


Promise I won't...
I'm glad we're back on track with audio, music and such in the TR !
As far as our current's a D&R Avalon with Optifile Automation.
You can see it on our website (profile) or on D&R's site under "photo gallery" >> right side..down about 11
IIRC, my first "board" was a TEAC model 5 with xpender Then SoundWorkshop..
The bulk of my experience is on MCI 500/600; Amek Angela/Big; Neotek
Had at least a few sessions on API/SSL/Neve as well.
Never worked on any digital boards. Yet..

Here is another pix of the two mics I 've just bought as well : B&S
Your studio looks really nice! Lots of gear of course, but I also really like the "oakey" parts of it
Can I come and work there a little if I ever stop by Canada?

Whatever happened to your schooling thing ? Did you finish ??
Are you now a full time musician ?
Yeah, pretty much finished. I'm part-time musician/mix/sound/all that [bleep], part-time blogger/journalist (ugly word)( all that [bleep]
My incomes are split around 50/50 between those two at the moment.
Daily news & reviews
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