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Default Re: The Tea Room..


Hey Charlie,

The board is standing comfortably in the corner unplugged at the moment. I think I'll be starting recording a new album soon (I wrote all the songs in two days ) and I don't want to go through that board. Thinking about picking up one of these instead. I don't think it has started shipping yet though, so we'll see.

Glad you liked the vids. The video diary was a really fun thing to do. It's over now, but I have a couple of other things to throw up there that will be more review related. Blog is going fine, now available in German as well

So what are you up to these days? Photos, music or bike-riding?
cool man, so did you ever release the first record? lets hear some tunes when they get rockin eh? cool about the blog and vids man. You speak German? I could teach you some things that my Grandpa taught me in german back in the day. haha

as far as what I am up to, just working the day gig, pulling the bike off the trainer, going to work on polishing up some songs to get a few folks to help me pitch to some folks, and working on a business plan to setup a photography business. So keeping busy with projects as usual..
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