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Default Re: Studio One 4/Artist Mix/Mojave

I have a possible workaround if someone can verify it works for them.

1. Uninstall and make sure there is no grayed out Euphonix Midi Device in your Audio Midi Setup
2. Install 19.7 Release
3. Set up Eucon Preference Panel and Studio One as needed
4. Launch Studio One and open/create a project
5. Right click on EuControl icon in top menu bar and 'Restart EUCON Applications'
6. After EuControl restarts, open EuControl Setttings and lock the surface to Studio One
7. Then focus on Studio One and bank surface (if track names do not display)

*Note: If you focus on Studio One app window before locking the app in EuControl you will need to restart EUCON applications again.
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