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Default Re: Ableton Push as a mix controller

Originally Posted by Sardi View Post
You canít use standard MIDI controllers to control things like faders and pan knobs in Pro ToolsÖ
Ah, no! That's disappointing to hear, thanks for the heads up. I always thought you could map a MIDI layout to the basics in PT, but I guess I was thinking of Mackie HUI.

Originally Posted by Sardi View Post
Donít sell your Artist Mix. Having recently bought one solely for hands on control of plugins, it is (IMHO) the only real way to control plugins, faders etc. within Pro Tools.

Iím shocked they donít make a faderless version with 16 pots solely for plugin control.
I hear you, it's a hard sell but I'm in Live way more than PT these days. I do wish they added more features or tailored the hardware since acquiring Euphonix, too. The layout seems dated and not at all in touch with typical PT workflows, which is why I mostly used it for fader rides and panning.
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