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Default Re: PT 12.2 installed- New plugs/instruments not showing up?

Originally Posted by nigelpry View Post

Remember, these plugins are all iLok license protected. So, when Avid gets around to it, you'll get iLok licenses. But they won't be perpetual licenses, they'll be time limited and due for renewal at the same date your support plan is due for renewal.

The installers for these plugins are all freely available already, via the page, but they won't do anything until you have the iLok licenses.

What isn't clear is how you'll get those licenses . maybe there will be something in your Avid account that you have to click on, or a message in the Application Manager, or a redemption code you'll have to paste into the iLok License Manager, but one way or another it'll be a process that gets licenses to appear in your iLok account which you will then sync onto your iLok.

Only then will you have access to these plugins.
Of course I have iLOK updated and PT 12.2. works fine. Still no new plugins, sorry