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Default Re: 3rd party 64-bit AAX Plug-ins for Pro Tools 11

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
There is nothing from NI at this time that is AAX2 64 bit ready. It's all still AAX 32 bit with no estimate of when AAX2 64 bit is coming. No updates in NI Service Center to indicate AAX2 support.
Yes you and someone else that pointed it to me was right, the tech I spoke to through emails got confused about his Pro tools versions and was talking about PT 10 and not pt 11, apologizing for the mistake in the process.

Hello Emmanuel

My sincere apology. I had gotten confused and was thinking of Pro Tools 10, and
not 11. NI products are currently not compatible with Pro Tools 11 and its new
AAX 2 plug-in interface. Native Instruments is working with Avid to enable support
for this platform as soon as possible.

Native Instruments Support Team

Native Instruments North America, Inc.
6725 Sunset Boulevard
5th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Truly nice guy for coming forward with the mistake, and hope they get the plugs out quickly.
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