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Default HUI and D-command?

Hello all-

Can D-command coexist with Hui?

I'm using a punchlight relay (which uses hui) for automatic talkback/listenback which is a workflow I really love- long story short it's setup so that the TB mic in the CR auto mutes on play and record, and the LB mic(s) in tracking room(s) auto mute only on record. Daw doesn't have to be open, so you can communicate 100% of the time.

In any case I'm eyeing a used D-command. After trying softube console 1, I really want a workflow that includes eq/dyn channel strip and with us begging for custom plugin mapping on eucon/s3/dock/artist for years now I'm ready to give up on waiting. Even the 8 channel D-command is a little big for me, and once again it's a bummer that Avid can't seem to get out of their own way, but it is what it is...

Any other suggestions for someone looking into a D-command? Is the ES worth the extra money? Thanks!
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