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Default Re: Pro Tools HD-HD Accel pci 10,3 - Windows 7 computer

Originally Posted by Raoul23 View Post
There are a few workstations that are qualified by Avid IIRC they are DELL and HP. You need a mother board where the PCI slot runs natively. If you are in the U.K. I have a fully working ProTools custom made PC which I used with PCI cards and ProTools 10. It’s a super micro mother board with 2 hard drives and 12GB of Ram

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much thanks for post ,

i read the page about the qualified workstations ,
here that link as well

but it talk about Pci-e , Native , thunderbolt,etc…
no about Pci ,
also no info about how many slots for cards
(probably because push to get magma chassis ? )

thanks for offer the daw you sell , unfortunately i'm not in Uk ,
(sometime i have some hour of airport stand by there ,for flight exchange..)

more details are welcome , thanks !

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