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Default Re: How's maintenance for you guys?

Hi, I'm the Product Manager for EUCON surfaces and can help answer your questions. Whilst we would obviously prefer you to get a S6, the MCPro still has life in it yet. We changed the internal hardware a few times over the 11 years its been around. I know of a few early silver models still being used daily but I would recommend going for a later black one as they have many hardware improvements, a real jog wheel and they are easier to repair. The Black ones were both Euphonix and Avid branded but are basically the same inside. Two models exist, 4 faders or 2 joysticks.
Avid is committed to about 2 years more support and if we still have the parts after that we probably wouldn't turn away repairs. We will be doing at least one more software release this year adding the latest EUCON improvements and PT 12 comparability. We have a release candidate already for anyone having issues with the previous version.

If you want 408 modules any touch knob module will work (the old phat knobs S5 modules wont). If the 408 module came from a S5MC system then they are good to go, if from a S5 they need to be re-imaged (available in the Avid website)

For screens, some people have installed dual TFT's but you have to make a custom mount and are restricted to the screen size.

As for costs this can vary hugely, the soft-key switches are not cheap so check they all work, there's a common issue with the power supply voltage not being set correctly that results in graphical blocks on the MCPro's TFT screen on boot, but that's easily fixable.

Hope this helps...ask more if needed.

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