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Default Re: How's maintenance for you guys?

84 views & NO replies?

Can you at least explain the difference in the colors? Are the black ones just Avid Branded units, like the Artist Series, or is there some other difference?

Can you run more than one monitor with them? I only see pictures with the single monitor over the MC Pro section showing the project window. Can I run additonal monitors to show the DAW's mixer, channel,etc?

I've seen multiple posts about different versions of the 408 buckets. What's the difference there? Which ones work with with versions?

I would really like to make an informed decision here. The units I'm looking at are out of state. So I can't just go to the dealership to sit down and try them out. Even if I could, I want REAL WORLD INFORMATION, not salesman hype. What do I need to look out for? What questions SHOULD I be asking?

If I can't ask here, where else can I go?
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