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Default Re: Connecting C 24 to a Hearback headphone system

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Never assume.........anyway, what interface are you using? Since the C24 is a controller, then there really is no reason to connect it to the Hearback system at all. As SpongeBob describes, I would simply feed the Hearback from outputs of the interface(002/003 for an LE setup or 96IO/192IO for HD).
You would be absolutely correct IF you didn't want to use the talkback feature on the C/24. I use the Hearback system, but I need the talkback functionality. I am fortunate enough to have 2 - 192s so I route analog 1-8 out to the PT in on the C/24 via DB25 to DB25 snake. Then I use another DB25 to 1/4" female snake coming out of analog 9-16 on the 2nd 192, but since the Hearback hub can only accept 8 ins, I only use 11-16 and use them as "more me" (individual track) sends. I use the cue outputs 1-2 from the C/24 (via DB25 to 1/4" male) as my stereo mix feed (1-2) into the Hearback hub (via DB25 to 1/4" male connected to cue 1-2 out of the C/24 via 1/4" coupler). That gives me talkback, a stereo mix feed in channels 1-2 on the Hearback hub, and six mono "more me" channels that can be adjusted by the artist at the Hearback mixer in the booth.

Now if you only have 1 192io.............well, then I would just do what albee said and get yourself a separate talkback unit. It's just nice to use the features on the C/24 if you can, cuz it is loaded with them. Too bad you have to be a signal path wizardry engineer to make the stuff route properly. What the hell were they thinking making LR 1-3?!?
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