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i posted awhile ago about changing the tempo of an audio file to match a previously recorded track and the advice i was givin doesnt work. so heres the dealyo.

i start up the pro tools session.
i manually change the tempo in the transport window to 144
i make a track and using "click" i record a guitar part at that tempo.
now i want to add a drum loop.
so i "add audio" and it appears BUT its not in the same tempo as my guitar.
so i go into beat detective and and find out that its tempo is 122.5, and i guess it resets the master tempo to 122.5. (is master tempo when the conductor guy is blue in the transport)
i was told if i change the master tempo back to 144 i can see the drum loop get smaller and change to 144.
BUT IT DOESNT, it just sits there like a bitch and doesnt budge.

am i mixing something up in the process, should i not mess with manual and master tempo. am i using beat detective incorrectly. is it just mocking me for not being pro tools savvy. am i changing the tempo incorrectly (drag bar in the transport, change the tempo in the top left corner clicking the + sign, doing something else.)

THIS SHOULD BE SIMPLE, i would imagine its a pretty common thing people THE TIME, what the hell.
why isnt there just a button that changes the loop to whatever the master tempo is set to IS THERE?!
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