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Default Re: anyone using a faderport with 2020?

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
But has Behringer's quality gotten any better? They used to be the laughing stock of the audio world.
I owned and used the X touch for a few years daily for 4-6 hrs minimum with 0 issues. And you can use it with any DAW.

Actually I've got a bunch of Behringer stuff here that has lasted me 15-20 years of hard use (DI Boxes and headphone amps esp). Contrast that with the few weeks I got out of my glitchy Avid consoles which lit my desk on fire. I've had 2 or 3 Presonus Central Stations which I ran into the ground back when I did 100+hrs a week in the mid 2010s. All these companies have quality issues at some point. I've blown up stuff from the best of em. Behringer stuff has failed no more or less. Actually, their headphone amps and little Hearback systems are really ok too. I know they make and sell some $20 junk. But mixers and etc, I've had good luck.

my own experience for what its worth
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