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Please digidesign!
Can you acknowledge that you are aware of this issue?

Since the beginning of time there has been a problem with the instruments and midi track in that they output the midi information with no delay comp when in rec mode.

Scenario: You want to record a beat MPC-style with a sampler, say Structure.
I.e in a 2 bar loop, overdubbing as you play.

On an audio track you have a sampled horn-loop with a latency-heavy plugin.
For instance Maxim.

You hit rec on your Structure track to record your beat,playing along with the horn-loop.

First time around, fine.
Second time around when you loop back to the beginning, the Structure track is outputting itīs recorded notes without dly-comp.
So the groove is completely f up!

Of course this is how it should work:
What you play in real time should be output without ADC.
Whatīs being played by the sequenser HAVE TO BE DELAY COMPENSATED.

So thatīs that.

BUT on top of that is this new frkn bug that Muhis1 mentioned.
That wasnīt there in 7.4.
And now makes it IMPOSSIBLE to record any soft synths, unless you are the kind of guy that quantizes
everything 100% all the time.

NOT PLAYING THE GUESSING GAME: "Where are my midi notes gonna end up?"

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