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Default Re: Pro Tools Won't Open

Originally Posted by TOM@METRO View Post
Try re-syncing your ilok again.
That was the first thing I tried.

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
What does ILM say for your PT license asset? When you say you had an iLok problem what exactly happened? Did your iLok fail or what?

I'd do the usual and dump prefs/databases and then reinstall PT 12.8.3
ILM shows Pro Tools Plan as activated on the iLok. Everything looks normal there.

The problem I had started when PT 12.8.3 said it couldn't find the installation. I went to ILM and it said a background process file was missing. I uninstalled ILM and reinstalled. But I still get an error when trying to open PT.

Really trying to avoid reinstalling PT.

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