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Default Re: changes that make windows faster ?!

theres'lots of tweaks to do to optimize Windows for audio apps; here's a few.

-Disable Write Behind Caching: Control Panel>System>Performance>File System>Troubleshooting>Select last option.

-Reduce Read Ahead Optimization: Control Panel>System>Performance>File System>Hard Disk> Decrease slider to the smallest setting.

-Enable DMA for all IDE disks: Right click My Computer>Device Manager>XCilck on the + sign next to disk drives>Double click on each drive showed>Settings> check DMA (for CD Romtoo).

-Turn "Auto Insert notification Off": same path as above, uncheck that option for ALL CD Roms and CDRWs.

-IRQ settings: this is no easy issue, so if you encounter some IRQ conflicts try placing the 001 card in other PCI slots untill you find the one that doesn cause problems: it seems that 001 works well in slot 3 and IRQ forced to 9 in BIOS (in most computers).

-Turn off any unwanted background running apps: Start>Run>type MSCONFIG> select startup>uncheck everithing except System Tray.

-Graphic acceleration: right click on "My Computer">Properties>Performance>Graphics>decrease the slider to its smaller setting; this tweak doesn't have that much impact so you may wan't to let it where it is if you're using graphics apps together with audio.

- The computer's role: Right click on My computer> properties> performance> file system> set computer role to "network server".

There's others, but they're al little more complicated that these and involve a little more tweaking and PC knowledge to be written in two lines, if you need them email me I'll send a detailed article; the tweaks above should give you an increase in performance, but the results depend a lot on you system's configuration; also be sure to regularly defrag your drives, and use a dedicated on e for audio files only.
Also check out for interesting tips and tweaks on windowes machines.

Good luck

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