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Default USB ports on 24/7 - Is it ok for Mbox3?

When I shut down my PC computer (see my specs) with Win10 the USB ports are still on. I use Mbox3 and I am wondering if its ok year after year to let power on my interface.

I have tried to shut down my usb ports on my PC, but I really don't find how to do it in my BIOS or Windows 10 configurations. Can someone, please, answer the 2 questions. My motherboard is GA-Z87N-WIFI (rev. 2).

1) Is ok to let usb port on 24/7?
2) How to them (usb ports) turn them off at the same time I shut down my PC?

Thank You!
Win10 Home Premium, SP1
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GA-Z87N-WIFI (rev. 1 and 2)
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