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Default Managing Function Curves on the Master Module

Enable Auto Show Function Graph on Selection from the Local options (Gear icon) of the Home page to automatically bring down the curve for (EQ, Dyn or Pan) without having to perform a swipe gesture.

Enable Auto Show Function Graph on Knob Touch to display the appropriate curve when a parameter is tweaked for EQ, Dyn or Pan. We've set the value to be 1.0 seconds, which means that it will display the appropriate curve and then timeout back to the previous view after one second.

We've first docked Pan on the right encoders then Dynamics on the left. Grabbing the Threshold brings up the gain transfer curve then reverts back to the color-coded All Parameters view. Grabbing the Pan encoder displays the Pan Plot and then times out. Pan is then swapped out for the High Mid and High EQ bands.

Jeff Komar
Applications Specialist, Pro Audio
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