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Default Re: Problem with 003 Rack Aux In Button

I'm currently having a similar issue with the Digi 003 Factory console. When I turn on the 003 with nothing else connected expect the power into the wall, the aux-in button will click on and off intermittently having not even touched anything.

I spoke with an electronics repair person over the phone and explained the symptoms and he said that it sounded like the aux-in switch was failing and if so, would need to be replaced.

To try and diagnose further, I pressed the Utility button and selected Test/Buttons. The aux-in button was being intermittently triggered without pressing anything and the test display blinked "Aux In - Region 015 - Switch 013".

Did you ever resolve the issue you were having and if so, how?

Has anyone else experienced similar issues? Fixes/suggestions?

Thank you!

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