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Default New 27" imac / "original" mbox - need some clear advice.please help !!

First off i am rather new here , so hello fellow mac and PT heads !

Second, i apologize in advance for re-asking what has already been asked on this " hot topic " but i have researched this thread for the last 24 hours and still not quite clear on somethings regarding my personal situation . Most of these threads are addressing the new Imac 27" with the Mbox 2 technology.

I would really appreciate it if someone here can help me find my way as i am about to invest in a new mac and would like to use the original Mbox ( Just simply because it sounds great and i don't feel like i should waste money if i don't need to ) ...not too mention i don't have a huge budget hehe

so , my questions are as follows :

* If i use Protools 8.0.1 with the original Mbox and on Leopard 10.5 as everyone says i should ...would it pose any problems if i would use it on a NEW 27" Imac. ? When i say NEW i mean the newer processors which supposedly some people are having issues with.

If so , would i have the same issues if i bought myself an older generation Imac 27"- like the dual core technology chip instead and would this work just as well or would it defeat my purpose ?

* If i were to daisy chain hard drives and devices ( usb or firewire ) , would this pose any issues on performance/ speed ?

* Can i use Time machine with PT ? or does this have to be disabled?

I can't thank you enough. Sorry but for a newbie there is way too much information to sift through in the forums and i think it's better i just started a new thread rather than trying to chase for an answer which may take me days to figure out .

Thanks !!!!!!!
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