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Default Re: Is there a point to HD Native any more?

Originally Posted by Al Rayder View Post
Brian, Could I use my (silver and blue face) 192 interfaces with HD Native Cards? What advantages would I have from making the change? I currently have 2x Digidesign 192 Analog IO's (each fitted with 16 Analog Inputs) 1x HD Core Card + 2x HD Accell Cards. I am running PTHD10.3 on a Apple MacPro Eight Core tower. Thanks.

It depends what kind of upgrade you are considering. There probably isn't a huge improvement to be made by moving to a HD Native card with Pro Tools HD10 or earlier. Pro Tools as a 64 bit application (PT11+) is really where the power of native systems was unleashed.

If you are considering a whole system upgrade (HD native and Ultimate 2018 for example), it would be pretty impressive in comparison... but you may also need to upgrade your computer at the same time.

How's that for a swings and roundabouts response?
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