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Default Re: so happy i did not update my PT ...

Originally Posted by Akiz View Post
Exactly! Well said!

Unfortunately (for us), they will slowly move to the subscription only model.
It was pretty obvious when they sent that email, a few months ago, referring to the future of the industry. Then, mid summer the price hikes and "new product" subscription offerings.
The sign is in the wall.

I'm glad that didn't spend another penny on this ridiculous "annual plan", especially after the 2019.x release fiasco and the price increase that followed.....ridiculous!
The only way to pass the message is this.
No more in advance payments and blind trust, they proved themselves totally untrustworthy and greedy.

i know this is the future as well ... Avid cannot go backwards to the old model ... i really hoped the New Model would be good for both sides but it appears at this time it is only good for one side ... time will tell if the Beta Team can keep up with the Bug Fixes and then new features that potentially cause more issues ... they surely are hard working folks that deserve our gratitude for a very hard job !!! thank you !!!

and i leave my options open to when Avid has this all sorted out ... it is taking longer than we all thought, and not to speak for Avid, but it seems like the Model was not quite sorted before they started ... do i love Pro Tools, well, i used to, and hope to once again !!! holding final judgement for about a year / next summer when it has been a year of the New Model and pricing ... come back to us Avid - of should i say, we are here waiting with the Light On for you !!!

please show us why we should come back ... as all of us would like to come back to you !!! so we wait !! and hope !!!

cheers john
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