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Default Re: Sample Rounding Issue!!!!

Originally Posted by midnightrambler View Post
ProTools definitely has sub-ticks, no "belief" necessary. Just zoom right in, draw a note, and then copy and move the note to the next step (1 sample). Two sounds will trigger, 1 sample apart, but they will both look like they're at the same position on the bars and beats display.
Yes you're right, checked it out & this also applies to clips as well.

This sample division that does not show up on the counter set to Bars|Beats does open up for why the 'sample rounding' bug affects midi notes & clips.

Because as I have said before with projects created set to ticks, having perfect bar length midi clips (zoomed in to check) when duplicated, repeated or alt + drag randomly do not align correctly at certain tempos - they are out by what would seem to be the sample division. This makes it a sample rounding bug to me.
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