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Default Re: Replacement Ideas for Dead 002 on PT8?

Originally Posted by numberforty1 View Post
Thanks, really I was wondering why an Mbox 3 Pro would command more of a price tag than a Digi 003. They seem to offer about the same I/O and FireWire, but I imagine the 003 has more, better quality hardware and more flexibility with other hardware, no? The Mbox is probably a little more convenient for me since I donít need a full rack or the Digi preís, so I wish I knew why it commanded a higher price tag.
I have no clue why the big difference, but sometimes people try to sell stuff for way more than fair market value. The Mbox Pro can only do(I think) 6 in and 6 out, while the 003 is capable of 18 IO. Just my 2 cents, but I think the 003 is a better investment in this case(especially if its cheaper)
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