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Default Re: Replacement Ideas for Dead 002 on PT8?

Originally Posted by numberforty1 View Post
Thanks Albee - would an MBox 3 give me all the necessary features though for less the price? I looked around a just a little and it seems like $150 for an 003R is pretty good, some of the MBox 3ís still seem to command $300.
If used Mbox 3's are selling at $300 and 003r is selling for less, I'd say you answered your own question While the Mbox 3 has enough IO to fit your needs, its a USB interface so it will have slightly higher latency as compared to a firewire interface. Mbox PRO(which uses firewire) would work fine if you get a great deal(using Mbox 2 Pro on a second system here and its fine). Having used most of the Mbox variants, as well as 002 and 003, I lean toward the 003 for its extra IO(and it mounts in a rack easily). Being stuck at LE8, these are your only options and since you already have firewire, I'd stick with that. 003r should be plug and play. any Mbox may call for a new driver or a re-install of Pro Tools(because LE installs the driver as part of the software install).
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