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Default Digi002 Mixer+PT11, transport controller and Mix window

Hello everyone.

You know, I use to work with a digi002 mixer+pro tools 11.3, and currently I'd had an issue while I'm working my mix.

So, when I want to pass to another page by channels at the mixer that thing jump 8 channels at window mix and at the digi002 mixer, I use to work a lot with the mixer while a I'm working at the mix sogs and, I hate when this happend.

For example: I have 24 channels to mix and I'm in the seccion 1-8 by digi002 mixer, and If I want to go at the next page 9-16 wiht transport controller at mixer by digi002, it jumps to next page 17-24 and I cant work wiht channels 8-16.

I bet, It was my fault, maybe I push something wrong and now I have this problem.
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