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Default Re: Is UAD worth it?

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
But are they worth the cpu hit? AA plugins aren't exactly known as being cpu thrifty
What I've learned since I joined Acustica last summer, is that they are constantly improving their plugins to make them less CPU hungry.
And their new Core15 is promising.

But yea, you're right, the CPU hit IS a big challenge for some.
Me, I am struggling a bit with my 2013 MacPro, but not a big deal actually.
But I am still using UAD/Unison a lot for tracking.

Been looking into Reaper also - seems to work brilliant with AA plugins.
(But It will take some time before I am willing to give up on ProTools).

So these days I am not buying any new Plugins from UAD.
Acustica plugins do the job better, in most ways ...
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