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Default Re: Is UAD worth it?

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
It’s HDX... there are no “low ADC”values... unless you mean 16k samples is low?

The latency depends on your use...Additional latency above any in the UAD plugin should be 2X the buffer size. So 1k samples? x2 Hopefully you are careful with plugin ordering and do not interweave UAD and HDX/DSP plugins

You are running large sessions right? With all tracks live/no freeze/commit? Do you understand how many HDX cards you will need?
yes, 16k is low. Most other daws are around 10x that.

I'll be needing around 2 HDX cards for my needs, 3 is the ultimate goal when money permits.

Currently UA plugins have 1024 samples latency in PT vanilla + whatever the UA individual plugin latency is. Why answer if you aren't going to actually address the simple thing I asked? Of course I want to interweave AAX DSP and UAD plugins in the same insert path, which is why i asked someone who uses both.
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