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Default Re: Protools 2019.12 and Catalina 10.15.2 combo

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
You need V10 to get them working from old upgraded install and V11 to actually install to a new system. Big ripoff $$$ plan by our trusted wavesHELL
I bought 2 years of WUP for all my waves plugins in advance. I only have one big bundle, horizon, and the rest are all individual licenses and small bundles. I got zero new stuff for horizon in the 2 years (that i know of), and it expired a few days before V11 was released. So now I have horizon and another 30 indi wavs plugins I can't install on Catalina and actually got zero for my money when the WUP was actually active.

Note to self.. only ever buy WUP in the future when there is a major upgrade. Not before.
Buy it for the minimum time and from a reseller to save some money. Let it for for years and do not pay for it again until a major new version. And then buy it for one year again.

Oh well, I'll use them on my iMac pro instead.

Furthermore, when I upgraded to horizon, and some smaller bundles, it worked out that i had may duplicate licenses for individual plugins left over. At the time I bought them, waves had free license transfers for any product that had an RRP of less than $700 USD. They changed the transfer policy AFTER i had spent all this money on individual licenses (cause I wanted to have control and not be tied to one big bundle like mercury), and now I won't be able to sell any of them and have anything left over with the new transfer fees. So i just have a bunch of plugins sitting there doing nothing. I really don't think that's right to change policies cause I bought them all at a time when I read the current transfer policy prior to purchasing, and that's the one I agreed to. I have written them a letter but we'll see what happens. They limit the amount of characters you can use so I had to condense the email as much as possible whilst still trying to make sense and cover all the points I needed to.
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