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Default Creative Use of VCA Masters & Spill Zones

Let's take a closer look at a few different ways of using VCA Masters and Spill Zones to maximize efficiency and improve workflow - regardless of the size of your particular console. Spill Zones are user definable, spanning from 1 to X Faders and can be 1/3 of the total real estate on your console. Consider Spill Zone Left, Spill Zone Right, and the remaining Banked Channel Faders as 3 distinct chunks of real estate which you can populate with session elements.

VCA Masters are great for automation, gain staging, grouped control, optimized navigation, quick access and managing large numbers of tracks within a small space. Consider creating groups assigned to VCA Masters beyond the basic food groups within your template to include applications like SubMasters or Chains, FX Returns, ALL - one fader to rule them all, Cue Masters and more.

Experiment with the concepts of Spill Zones, VCA's, Locked Channels and Auto-Spill to improve the efficiency of navigating your template. VCA Masters can even be placed within custom Track Layouts providing a whole other level of control, power and efficiency.

Creative Use of VCA Masters & Spill Zones
Jeff Komar
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