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Default Re: when will come Catalina Support

Originally Posted by TrentWilliams View Post
The AVE is the only part of Pro Tools which is currently incompatible. Avid are re-writing parts of the AVE for the next release, and so you could assume it will probably be supported on the next release.

However, it's not just Pro Tools support you need. 3rd party plugin developers need to announce support also. I would hope it might take as little as 18 months before everyone has sorted themselves out. But, looking back to when we switched to AAX, that took years to transition.

The major one I'm waiting for news on is Conformalizer which I assume will be completely rewritten. I know Justin is an extremely hard worker, so my bet is he's got something amazing up his sleeve.
UAD and Waves (as of yesterday) are fully supported under 10.15. So Iíd say itís really on Avid at this point. That said, I donít expect anything this year Re Catalina from them.
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