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Default Re: Disk Cache in PT12 any opinions

As we have always used PT HD we use Disk cache all the time. The session starts faster than you can blink and when weare on the road at hotelrooms and whatnot we don't need a secondary drive to record to as Disk Cache wirks for you and loads up the bulk of the sessions into the RAM. If you have 8 GB you can assign 5GB for DC and if you have 16 GB you can atleast use 12 GB of the RAM which is A LOT! for a session. Usually we only end up using a few GB and PT reminds us that we have a lot of unused DC RAM so this is a killer feature to be had on the vanilla PT 12 version, really saves a lot of headache and hassle if you need to run out the door with just the ilok and the Macbook
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