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Default Re: Pro Tools 11 with Focusrite Scarlett 18i20?

Originally Posted by nst7 View Post
On the other hand, USB performance on newer interfaces is as good as firewire. People who have this unit are able to go down to a buffer of 32. The USB version will also keep your interface on a separate buss from your firewire drives if you have them. There's some positive discussion of the 18i20 on Gearslutz that you might check out.
I just got one-superb, couldn't be happier. Only had it a few days, but have been tracking drums, and recording 7 tracks simultaneously at a buffer of 32!

The only thing is, that when you register, the characters are case sensitive. And if you are instructed to update the firmware; well the Scarlett didn't work correctly until after I reinstalled the drivers as well. Smooth sailing ever since.

Oh, and one more thing. After start up, in mac's audio/midi app, the Scarlett defaults to a 14in/16 out device. I change it with the pulldown to 18i20. Minor hassle, but haven't figured out why this happens.

Good luck!
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