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Default Do I Need Pro Tools HD?

New Pro Tools 10 announcement has me wondering if I want to do a software only upgrade (currently PT9) OR if I want to spring for a purchase of an HD Native system.

My current set up is PT9 with Lynx Aurora 16 via AES16e card. On a 2008 Mac Pro. Seems to work well for the most part. Sometimes it's a little slow. Sometimes I get error messages. Sometimes on complex mixes the system gets bogged down. But for the most part, it seems OK.

I'm doing mostly rock music. Drum kit is max inputs I ever do at about 12 at a time. I'll run hardware inserts once in a while to run out to an outboard compressor like distressor or 1176 while mixing (and SSL lives on master bus). Sometimes I can track with certain plugins, but I usually don't. They seem to add some latency.

My other issue is that I'd like to be able to be mixing more as I go. As of now, if I get deep into a mix and then have to re-record parts later the session gets way bogged down and I can't track at low buffer settings unless I disable lots of tracks/plugs.

What am I missing out on? Do I need HD Native? Would a new computer be better? Or spring for full HDX card?

Any help/advice/feedback/suggestions are appreciated!
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