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Default Room Calibration and Levels for LE

The "room calibration" sticky thread is tremendously helpful, however I still have a question which seems more appropriate to ask in a new thread:
When mixing ITB in LE (no analog meters, no analog console or summing bus), how should I approach film/video mixing levels? What I have been doing is using the PAZ Meters from Waves on the master fader. I try to keep a nominal level of -20 with peaks up to -10. Am I on the right track? I am a little unsure of myself because when I look at my final mix, the waveforms look so puny. I do come from a music background so my first instinct is mix loud(!), so I am re-educating myself. I have gotten one complaint about levels being too low, but I am mostly dealing with student picture editors and filmmakers who are less experienced with audio. When we mixed one show on a real dub stage, we used Dorrough meters set to -20dbFS=0VU and the summing to each stem was analog. Those meters are super-cool! In the meantime, how can I best achieve proper levels with my modest setup.
BTW, I have already calibrated my monitors to 85spl with my Radio Shack gizmo.

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