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Default Re: Mac mini 2018, PT 12.4 and mac mini

Originally Posted by Cabra View Post
That's what I'm afraid of, it not working. But I did see some posts about some using high sierra and pt 2018 with the 003. So it looks like it could work...thanks for the info sir.

But you canít run High Sierra on the 2018 Mac Mini, so thatís of no use. Mojave or higher.

Honestly, if you really want a new machine, youíre going to have to seriously look at a new interface. Thereís plenty of good and also inexpensive 8 i/o interfaces on the market these days.

Heck, if you really wanted to keep running the 003R, you could get a really cheap new interface with ADAT ports and connect it that way.

Either way, a new computer purchase is going to require an update to BOTH your hardware and software.

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