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Default Re: Help! Heavyocity Evolve R1 installer for PT10HD

Originally Posted by soul View Post
Hi everyone, its been ages since I've posted here. My PTHD10 rig has been pretty stable since 2013, it if aint broke dont fix it, right?

Q: Does anyone have an installer for Heavyocity Evolve R1 (Kontakt library)

I just bought Evolve from Heavyocity, but the R2 installer only runs on Mac 10.10 or higher and my PTHD rig is stuck at OS10.8.

Anyone have R1 installer?

Have you asked Heavyocity if they can supply you the R1 installer?

Also, are you sure that it will work with your current version of Kontakt? Newer libraries usually require a newer version of the plugin as well.

If it does work and you canít get an installer, you might be able to extract the files from the installer using Pacifist. So instead of installing the files, youíll simply be manually copying them to the location where you want them to reside on your HD.

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