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Default Re: Click count vs Main counter for 6/8

Thanks guys.

Originally Posted by _JJ_ View Post
as weird as it seems, try changing the value here.
Never even noticed that option before, thanks. Just assumed all functions would be available within the click plugin itself (I know, silly me).

Not sure why this doesn't work when you deselect "follow meter" in the plug-in though? Why doesn't the plug-in play 8ths when it's set to it - i.e. why doesn't this setting produce the same result? It only clicks 4 times, and then misses out the final 2.

Shouldn't there be an additional "meter" option within the plug-in in order to it to click 6 times instead of 4, if you want it to "not follow the meter" ?

Originally Posted by Rich Breen View Post
You set tempo resolution in the tempo event dialog and click value in the meter event dialog. So for a typical 6/8, you'd set your tempo resolution to dotted-quarter, and in your 6/8 meter event set clicks to 1/8th notes.
Thanks - this makes much more sense now I've become aware of the click option above.
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