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Default Bfd 3

So I finally got up to date with BFD 3. I had BFD 1 with no upgrade path. They recently had a cheap upgrade from echo. So they gave me echo free and I upgraded to to BFD 3 for $75.00. So thank you Expansion. I like their samples and always have. They sound like clean recorded drums so I can mix them like i like to in Pro Tools. However, the plugin made my system unstable. I was rocking 64 buffer with no errors and went to maxing out at 1024 samples with some errors. It was usable but aggravating. I moved the BFD 3 plugin to the unused folder and viola back to 64 samples with no errors again.

I was also setting up drum templates for SSD 5 and BFD 3 to just import all the tracks, plugs and settings. It works great. It's interesting that BFD 3 came out (i Believe) in 2013. SSD 5 is better in terms of room mics and such. It also plays better with my TD 30. Hoping BFD gets an update soon (and I suspect it will since upgrading was inexpensive) that's has better mixing, plays with electronic midi sets better and and works better with PT 2019.
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