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Default PT 10.3.7. Mbox 2 mini problem

When launching my ProTools I get the message: "PT could not initialize the current playback device."
My current playback device is MBox 2 Mini (firmware version 1.40). I'm sure the driver is installed, and have checked in AVIDs site on "Pro Tools 10.3. Supported Audio Interface.." that it is supported. In the Preference pane in System Preferences it is reported "Connected to MBox 2 mini", and I hear playback through the device from other applications. I also remember to have used it successfully with 10.3. earlier(10.3.3, but I'm not sure whether it has worked with 10.3.7). The CoreAudio Manager, however reports "Unsupported Device" and "Not Connected (HW not found)" Does this mean that PT 10.3.7 doesn't support my Mbox 2 mini after all?
iMac 24' late 2008, system 10.6.8. 4GB RAM PT 10.3.7
MacBook Pro 15' late 2008. System 10.6.8. 4GB RAM. PT LE 8.04.
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