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Default Re: Where is this white noise coming from(11r+m5)

Originally Posted by Jd0g33 View Post
First i have the fx loop bypassed and it has a normal amount of noise when not playing but when i turn the fx loop on and just have the m5 on dsp bypass it is way noiser(8 seconds in the clip) and ive gotten multiple complaints from soundmen. Is this ground loop hum or just natural running two digital devices at once.
That link does not work.

Also what happens if you go out the FX loop and the loop is just a cable?

Without hearing it what effect in the M5 are you going after and are you sure there is not an effect something build into the Eleven Rack that would get you where you want to go?

What do you gave the Eleven Rack loop level set to rack or stompbox? (try both to see what sounds better).

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