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Default 8.0.4 Issues (Quick Punch & Mute/Solo issues)

Hi forum, just thought I would post a few bugs I have found since 8.0.4 update was installed.

1) I am having the same issue when using quick punch.
There is a slight stutter sound when you engage quick punch (ie. pressing F12 during playback).

2) Other issues with quick punch have been that the track being recorded mutes when quick punch is engaged. This happened several times while recording a vocalist. The performance was still recorded, but we couldn't hear it while it was recording. Needless to say this is a bad bug.

3) Another bug I have found is that the solo and/or mute doesn't seem to work properly in newly created sessions. When I mute tracks the audio can still be heard. NB: Please note that the tracks do NOT have the special solo function enaged (the one where you left click the solo so it greys-out slighty and will play back regardless of mute). This makes mixing and tracking a real nightmare.

NB: Sessions I had created pre-update don't seem to have this mute problem.

Windows 7 (64bit).
i7 core
12 gigs ddr3 1600mhz
PT 8.0.4
Digi 002
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