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Default Re: Slip to Grid mode no visual grid unless pressing "grid"

Originally Posted by mgoorevich View Post
I upgraded from PT HD 7.4 so may be I am missing something (probably it was invented in PT8) ....
However in PT HD 9 when switching between slip mode and grid mode I expect to see the grid separation (frames) in grid mode and clean timeline when in slip mode.
The thing is when clicking on Time Code ruler grids appear or hide like it was before but I want it follow my mode. Without pressing each time on the TC ruler or "Grid" (selecting it green) in the Grid/Nudge value window.

I want Grids when I press F4 and I want NO grid when I press F2.
What am I missing after 10 years using Pro Tools?

For me as PT HD 7.4 user and PT HD8 skipper it looks like a bug...

Just had a play at home on my le and laptop and i see what you mean!! i have gone from grid mode to slip and the grid lines are still showing?

I guess they decided to leave grid visible as a reference!! but slip is free floating still.

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