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Default Re: Sound Replacer HELP!!!

Sound Replacer is authorized via iLok (at least now days). It sounds like you purchased an OLD version, and one that is no longer compatible with PT v8. You might be able to download the current version (v8 in my plug-in folder), but it will look for the SR asset on the iLok. Also, I think the PT v8 installer runs a plug-in updater, but again the iLok authorization is your hurdle.

Or you could go back to pre-v7. I think it was at v7 that Digi finally did away with the old floppy authorization system (although my memory sucks for this type of detail :) ).

I don't know if they can/will help you or not (with an ebay purchase), but you could contact Avid Customer Support. If the product can be registered, they just might. Probably worth a call.
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